Vibration analysis

If you need to install new equipment such as fans, pumps, colling towers, compressors, vacuum pumps, positive displacement blowers or centrifugal blowers, a vibration analysis is always recommended to ensure effective equipment operation.The equipment is usually verified by the manufacturer but a bad installation can increase the vibration amplitude and damage rotating parts.

For equipments already in use, we offer predective maintenance services adapted to your needs. The frequency of visits varies according to equipement use and importance. For instance, a fan that's used for production is normally more critical then a type of equipment that is used in building mechanics. Just give us a call and our service department will be able to advise you properly.

If vibrations are transmitted to the structure of tour building by an equipment, we have a solution to fix it. A vibration analysis will allow us to find transmitted frequencies so that we can provide a selection of highly efficient cushion isolators thanks to advanced software. In some cases, traditional spring-mounted isolators have been replaced with cushion isolators. Computerized selection enables us to find out about vertical deflection, noise reduction and gravitational resistance in all axes. Many projects have been carried out successfully.

Our goal is to always ensure that the equipment is reliable by minimizing maintenance operations.

If you send full equipment to our repair shop for a restoration, we can carry out a vibration analysis upon the completition of the work in order to make adjustments if necessary. We are equipped with a "soft start" equipment starter that can go up to 100hp (600 volts) or 30 hp (460 volts).